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Our eco-responsible Charter
eco responsable

Our campsite is particularly concerned about preserving the splendid environment in which it is located:
We are therefore committed to an eco-responsible approach that we implement through various actions:

  • Use of labelled or eco-certified cleaning products.
  • 100% solar-powered night lighting on the campsite
  • Low consumption LED bulbs in all the accommodation and buildings
  • All showers and taps equipped with water saving devices
  • Mowing or late mowing of certain areas to respect biodiversity
  • Limiting the use of pesticides, mechanical or thermal weeding
  • Selective sorting of waste
  • Transformation of our green waste into compost
  • Working with short circuits on a large number of products for the preparation of dishes in the restaurant

You can help us, you can also be an actor in this eco-responsible and eco-citizen approach by being vigilant to the following gestures

  • Manage waste economically (respect the selective sorting)
  • Manage water sparingly (turn off the taps, do not let the water run unnecessarily, do not throw toxic or non-biodegradable products into the toilet)
  • Be energy efficient (turn off the lights when you leave or do not leave them on unnecessarily, turn off the heating, etc.).